Thursday, June 30, 2016

Moments of Serenity: Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Garden is one of the most tranquil places in a city full of serene landscapes. Designed by Professor Takuma Tono in 1967, this haven is located up the hill from the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park. The Garden is divided into 5 sub-gardens on 5.5acres: the Strolling Pond Garden, the Natural Garden, the Sand and Stone Garden, the Flat Garden, and the Tea Garden. The east veranda behind the tea house has a view of Mount Hood in the distance that resembles Mount Fiji. The Japanese Garden in Portland is known to be one of the most authentic Japanese Gardens outside of Japan. The Garden is currently adding three acres to include a chabana garden, ticketing pavilion, garden house, tea cafe, cultural center, and a gift store. 

View of the Strolling Pond Gardens 
Two bronze sculptures of cranes with a real bunny hopping by
Zig-Zag Walkway surrounded by irises and waters filled with Koi fish in the Strolling Pond Garden 
Strolling Pond Garden: One of the most stunning views in the Japanese Garden. Dense trees rolling up the hillside with a cascading waterfall 
Sand and Stone Garden or karesansui (dry garden) was imported to Japan in the 14th to 15th century. Yohaku-No-bi ("The beauty of blank space") is an important idea in karesansui. 
Several alcoves allow visitors to observe many different views of the Japanese Garden
Flat Garden: Trees in the Garden represent the Four Seasons
Exhibit of Ryan Neil's Work: American Bonsai

Hope you're able to travel up to Portland soon!
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