Saturday, June 13, 2015

Art on the Esplanade

For the past few months, I've been doing a slow drive by of the Esplanade of Heights Blvd. It's always a wonderful surprise to find public artwork in places where it's least expected. In this historical Heights neighborhood, you'll find the Paul Carr Jogging Trail Park, a 1.5 mile trail lined with large shady oaks, exquisite Victorian Houses, and now a beautifully curated sculpture exhibit "True South." This is the second exhibit of large sculptures on the Esplanade co-curated by Gus Kopriva and Chris Silkwood (preceded by "True North").

The show includes works by the following artists: Joe Barrington, Mark Bradford, Tara Conley, Kermit Eisenhut, Tim Glover, Sharon Kopriva, Hans Molzberger, and Emily Sloan.

MarkBradford, "Constant Gardener", 2014

Tara Conley, "Bunny", 2015

Eisenhut/Ramos, "Heart of the Heights", 2015

Hans Molzberger, "Retired Cowboy Clown," 2015

The Houston Heights WWII Memorial Plaza

Emily Sloan, "In Broad Daylight," 2015

Detail of "In Broad Daylight"

Sharon Kopriva, "Marcella," 2015

Detail of wings made of paintbrushes

Joe Barrington, "Sock Monkey", 2015

Tim Glover, "Whirlwind," 1999

Detail of "Whirlwind" 

So jump on your bike, take a jog or a stroll to view these little moments of magic while they're still there.

When:  "True South"can be seen April 15 - December 15, 2015
Where: Along the Esplanade of Heights Blvd. between 1-10 and 20th St

Keep Exploring!
the Bayou Botanist

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