Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Bayou Celebration

The Buffalo Bayou Park will host its grand opening on October 3. The Park has been transformed with new running and bike paths, a dog park, a nature play area, and the Dunlavy  at Lost Lake. For the past several weeks a workshop has invited Houstonians to help build lanterns for a processional to help celebrate the completion of the Buffalo Bayou Park. The ideas for the lanterns were generated in community sessions with astounding results. The procession of lanterns will begin at four distinct points in the Park before converging in a mix of color, sound, and images to represent the diversity and perpetual motion of the city. Read more about the ideas behind the lanterns and the project here.

A few of the finished lanterns including a loaded taco
Lanterns in Progress: A grasshopper, a Bat, and a gorgeous Czech figure
A perfect interpretation of the Astrodome
Volunteers helping with the finishing touches

A volunteer finishing a perfect armadillo

Brainstorming wall with images and notes 

Houston's Cycling community represents
A steam boat with all its passengers in tow
A Beautiful self-portrait made my one of the participants

A Perfectly Fruity ArtCar
Detail of the ArtCar Lantern

With all the thoughtful details going into the Park's grand opening, this is one celebration you don't want to miss!

Keep Exploring,
The Bayou Botanist

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