Friday, December 4, 2015

New Installations at Discovery Green

Spin or lounge to your heart's content on Los Trompos!
Tis the season for all things that glisten and shimmer. . . and spin! In the holiday spirit, Discovery Green has outdone itself with two new temporary additions to the Park.  Los Trompos or 'spinning tops' is an installation of large scale spinning structures created by Mexico City designers H├ęctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena. Inspired by a common toy, each spinning top is unique in both form and color, and behave just like their smaller namesake. Los Trompos will be displayed until March 22 so make sure you stop by for a little magic!

A Field of color: Los Trompos
 My favorite visitor at Los Trompos

Bruce Munro's The Field of Light installation is back! It's one of my favorites from this past year so I'm delighted to be able to experience the multicolored wonderland for a second/third/. . .tenth time. Field of Light will be at the Discovery Green through February 21, 2016. If you think it looks magical during the daytime . . . wait until you see it lit up at night!

Thank goodness for the return of Bruce Munro's Field of Lights!

As an added Bonus, the skating rink is now open! The rink will be open from November 24 - February 2. $14 For 1.5 hours of skating (includes skates), or $30 for a Speed pass. Hours and days open here.

The ICE at Discovery Green is the largest outdoor skating rink in the Southwest.

Upcoming Events at the Discovery Green here

Every Friday, Discovery Green will host Friday Night Sights where local artists, musicians and dancers and actors will create a response to either Los Trompos or the Field of Light.  Friday Night Sights will be held from Friday, November 27 to Friday, March 18 (With the exception of December 25 and January 1). All performances begin at 7pm. Check website for updates. Upcoming dates below:

December 4      Cirque La Vie                                             Los Trompos
December  11   HSPVA Jazz and Dance Students               Field of Light
December 18    Dance Houston                                           Field of Light
January 8          Wildfish Theatre                                         Los Trompos
January 15        Suchu Dance                                               Field of Light
January 22        Rainbow on Ice!                                          Los Trompos
January 29        Aerosol Warfare and Houston Lowriders    Los Trompos

Happy December! Hope you are all enjoying the cooler weather and all the magical happenings this time of year!

The Bayou Botanist

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  1. It is great that they introduced such stuff at the park. The skating rink is definitely going to make more people visit Discovery Green.


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