Friday, May 27, 2016

Shangri La in Texas

There are BIG BUGS in Texas. The biggest and baddest of all can be found at the Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center  in the small town of Orange, Texas (2 hours outside of Houston). The whimsical Bigs Bugs exhibit is the brainchild of the artist  David Rogers. The bugs will be creeping away this Monday so make sure to catch them on their last march on Saturday, May 28 for the Creepy Crawly Carnival from 9AM-5PM, or Sunday, May 29 from noon-5PM.

A little history about the impressive Shangri La: Inspired by the novel Lost Horizon, Texas philanthropist HJ Lutcher Stark began construction of Shangri La Botanical Gardens in 1937 to create "his own haven of indescribable beauty where time would stand still". The Gardens opened publicly in 1946 but closed a decade later due to a natural disaster; the gardens remained closed for over 50 years. The Stark Foundation restored Shangri La in 2008 and permanently reopened the Gardens in 2009 winning recognition and distinctions such as being one of only 50 Platinum LEED projects in the world.

Normal hours: Tues- Saturday 9-5PM

I hope you're able to visit this little oasis in Texas sometime soon. Check their calendar for upcoming events.

Keep Exploring,
The Bayou Botanist

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