Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Color Theory: James Turrell

Back in 2012, Rice University unveiled the permanent installation of "Twilight Epiphany" a Skyspace by international superstar James Turrell (you can also view his light tunnel at the MFAH).

The "Pyramidal" structure, made of grass, concrete, stone and composite steel, appears to rise out of the ground like sci-fi Mayan ruins.  The space has two levels that can accommodate up to 120 visitors at a time to view a sunrise and sunset light sequence every day (except Tuesday). The light sequence is romantic in its beautiful simplicity and acts as gentle reminder of the sublime in the everyday. Viewers treat the structure almost as a sacred space, where everyone whispers and watches spellbound as the colors fade into one another. 

The space is also "acoustically engineered to host musical performances" which I could only imagine would be a remarkable experience.  While the light sequence occurred, students would bike or stroll through the space while looking up; some just stayed for a few seconds; others lingered as though they just discovered something remarkable. 

Those interested in viewing Skyspace can reserve spots online for sunset (no reservation needed for sunrise).  Skyspace is located on Rice Campus adjacent to the Shepard School of Music in the Suzanne Deal Booth Centennial Pavilion.

To Learn More about Skyspace and times of light sequence. 

Keep Exploring! xo, The Bayou Botanist


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