Wednesday, May 20, 2015

To Stroll alongside Bourgeois and Miró

Tall walls shield The Cullen Sculpture Garden from busy streets, but unfortunately, also hide the garden from many potential visitors. Once found though, the space greets visitors with pathways winding around elevated green islands of grass and trees and boasts over 25 works from the MFAH collection along with a rotating selection of works on loan. It is an perfect space to explore on a leisurely stroll or sit and have lunch at one of the many tables in an open courtyard area. 

Joseph Havel, Exhaling Pearls, 1993, Painted Bronze

Frank Stella, Decanter, 1987, Steel and Bronze

Fun Fact:  The Cullen Sculpture Garden opened to the public in 1986. Sculptor Isamu Noguchi was commissioned to design the Garden at the MFAH; Noguchi described his gardens as "a sculpture for sculpture." 

The Cullen Sculpture Garden is located at Montrose Blvd. and Bissonnet St. Open from 9AM- 10PM

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