Monday, October 12, 2015

A Tour of Buffalo Bayou Park: Part 2

For the second leg of the journey through the Buffalo Bayou Park, we start at the newly restored Lost Lake and travel to Rosemont Bridge (right past Montrose Blvd). Highlights: Lost Lake, Kayak Rentals at the Visitor's Center, Waugh Bat Colony, Wortham Grove, Johnny Steele Dogpark, and the stunning views from Rosemont Bridge.

Map of the Buffalo Bayou: Journey 2 from Lost Lake to the Rosemont Bridge

Lost Lake and the Visitor's Center; restrooms and Bayou City Adventures (kayak rentals) located inside Visitor's Center. The building also houses the Dunlavy a future restaurant and event space. A wonderful place to read a book. Looking forward to the restaurant opening!

Water lilies growing in Lost Lake: Lost Lake was a former pond that was lost in the 1970's when a dam failed; the new Lost Lake features wetland gardens, canopy trees, and a stunning multi-layered waterfall.

Boat and kayak launch: you can now rent kayaks at Lost Lake on weekends: see the website for more info: Bayou City Adventures

Jackson Hill Bridge connects the two sides of the Bayou
Bats of Waugh Bridge; you can smell the strong scent of Gunao as you pass. . .but you'd expect this to be the case when over 250,000 bats (Mexican Free-Tailed) live in the same location, the second largest bat colony in Texas.
Information about the Waugh Bridge Bat Colony and a great place to watch as the bats emerge at dusk each night

Johnny Steele Dog Park is a two acre oasis for your favorite 4-legged friend; the Dog Park has a large and small dog section

Photo taken in the first few weeks of the park opening; I've never seen happier dogs diving into the water

Tolerance Sculptures by Jaume Plensa at Rosemont Bridge

View of the Downtown Houston Skyline from Rosemont Bridge

Monumental Moments by Anthony Thompson Schumate, 2015 are a series of 6 four-foot words placed along the Kinder footpaths. This sculpture is hidden in front of the dog park; I love how these important words are placed in unexpected locations around the Park.

Wortham Grove fountain known as "Dandelion"; there is sheltered seating surrounding the circular fountain which makes this an ideal location for a relaxing moment or two

Detail of the fountain; whimsical and brilliant
I hope you're able to take advantage of all of these fantastic Buffalo Bayou locations soon! Next up: A Tour of Buffalo Bayou Park: Part 3!

Keep Exploring!
The Bayou Botanist

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