Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Tour of the Buffalo Bayou: Part 3

It's Fall, ya'll! This morning was a perfect 72 degrees as I rode my bike through Buffalo Bayou Park. As you know, I started my journey by boat, then joined the runners pounding ground from bridge to bridge, and today, I spent two hours biking around the loop of the Park.  Full disclosure: when I say biking, I mean I pedaled my bright orange cruiser as hard as I could and tried to stay in a straight line. I get lots of waves from serious bikers (to which I smile because my hands must remain on the handlebars at all times).
I haven't named her yet. . . so if anyone has a suggestion. .
I found one of my favorite new parts of the Park today: the Wolff Family Grove. Perhaps, it was the gorgeous light streaming down through the trees, the sparkling dust in the air, the musky smell of fresh dirt and fallen leaves, or that there were two dogs sitting on a branch. . . whatever the reason, I felt a deep connection to this serene little grove.
 An unforgettable moment of calm in the Wolff Family Grove; Sculpture by Anthony Thompson Shumate

Just four Park walkers enjoying a rest on a sheltering tree
As you continue traveling East towards downtown, you'll pass several small gardens; including the Jane Gregory Garden and the Eleanor Tinsely Garden. Each one has it's own personality so make sure to stroll off the main path to investigate. You will also notice several large open grass areas:  Sandy Reed Grove, Hines Meadow, and the newly finished Eleanor Tinsley Park.

Spindle by Henry Moore in the Foundren Foundation Meadow
Eleanor Tinsley Park includes the Bud Light Amphitheater lawn, the Nau Family Pavilion, and a sand volleyball court.   
Ducks investigating the human explorers; Waterworks and the Skate Park can be seen in the background

One of the most magical sculptures in the Park, Portrait of Houston; It wasn't a Dream, It was a Flood by John Runnels,  speaks perfectly to Houston's relationship to rising waters

A flock of birds in the sky; dozens of turtles swimming in the water below; view from Sabine St Bridge

Graffiti outside of the Skate park; Fun Fact: Graffiti has been found around the world as far back as 1500BC on the Pyramids of Giza. We need to make our mark.

Two kayakers traveling down the Bayou

Houston Police Officer's Memorial by Jesus Bautista Moroles

I hope you will enjoy the Buffalo Bayou as much as I do! If you see a bright orange bike with a teal basket fly by, make sure to wave, and know that I am smiling back!

Keep Exploring!
The Bayou Botanist

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