Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gardens on the Fly : Singapore Changi Airport

I never thought I would say this: I want to arrive a few hours early to an airport. The Singapore Changi Airport  has taken travel to the next level: Free screenings of movies, free internet access, free foot massage chairs, incredible shopping, fine dining. . . . and last but not least several stand-out gardens scattered through the terminals. The Gardens include the Sunflower Garden, the Butterfly Garden, the Orchid Garden, and the Enchanted Garden. Trees also grow in groves throughout the airport while koi fish swim in small ponds by charging stations. The green spaces go a long way to make you feel as though you're just passing an relaxing afternoon in a park rather than enduring the normal hustle before a long flight. 

One of the hundreds of Butterflies swarming around the Butterfly Garden 

Butterflies feasting on fresh pineapple slices 

Small Lizards enjoy the nectar of bright Gerber Daisies 

Greenery in the Butterfly Garden

Waterfall in the Butterfly Garden

One of the many groves of trees scattered throughout the airport 

Orchid Garden

Flowers Bundled in the Enchanted Garden
The magical  Enchanted Garden

Sunflower Garden on the roof of Terminal 2 

Sunflowers turning to welcome visitors; how can you not be happy in this garden?

Just in case you forget this is at an airport. See you later Singapore!
Singapore's dedication to green spaces and its belief in the value of gardens both as a place of social importance and health benefits has helped turn the country into a place of extreme beauty. Any admirer of horticulture should mark Singapore as a place to visit in the future.

Wishing you many green adventures,
The Bayou Botanist


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