Friday, February 19, 2016

Roses in Bloom

Located in the Museum district, the McGovern Centennial Garden has grown into a lovely green haven. It has been a little over a year since the Garden opened to the public. Since then, vines have grown their way up the trellis; the Family Garden is bursting with leafy greens and fruit trees; and the rose garden has bloomed with a splendid variety of smells and colors. While I strolled and sketched on a bench, I watched families picnicing, couples reading books together, and dozens of people walking up and down the central earthwork. The garden is such a wonderful reminder of how far Houston has come in the last few years in regards to the importance placed on public green spaces.

Entrance to the McGovern Centennial Gardens

Arid Garden at McGovern Centennial Gardens 

A view from the top of the earthwork

Family Garden 
The smells of Roses and Rosemary float through the garden (photo from January-roses have since been pruned)

Roses at the McGovern Centennial Gardens (photo from January) The Roses have recently been pruned 
I hope you take advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend by walking through the Gardens!

The Bayou Botanist

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